At the very start, SFF stood for Stop Ffos-y-Fran. We believed in our cause, and we tried our best to realize it. However, we’ve now realized that we have a bigger cause to fight for – bigger than stopping Ffos-y-Fran. That is why we shortened it to be SFF.

The cause that we are fighting for and that we truly believe in is the cause to spread knowledge and information so that the people around us can access facts and relevant information, not fake news and irrelevant hoaxes.

We believe that the people need to know information that is truthful and honest. We believe that people should have the equal opportunity to access the truth and several other information that they need to know. That is why we made SFF News.

This site is a product of our passion to our cause so that the people of the world can have the same information that they need to know and so that they can access it at any place and at any time. We are working very hard to produce and create content such as posts and articles that are informational and of high quality.